Behavioral Analytics for Recruitment

   Focused Artificial Intelligence augmenting and assisting Human Intelligence

New Hire Failure and Employee Retention

It is well known that a large percentage of new hires will fail to stay with the organization. According to numerous articles and studies* the figure cited can be well over 50%, for both regular and executive employees.

The main reasons for new hire failure are, respectively, described as Coachability 26%, Emotional Intelligence EQ 23%, Motivation 17%, Temperament 15%, Technical Skills 11% and Other 8%.

Poor Technical Skills account for a comparatively minor percentage of new hire failure and are easy to access. Yet, standard recruiting approaches continue to focus almost entirely on this aspect while primarily ignoring the other human attributes which are much more indicative of future success and employee retention.

The true cost of a bad hire is greater than commonly thought. Not only can it cost organizations thousands of dollars but the overall cumulative cost of poor performers and lost productivity is a serious and ongoing detriment to an organization of any size.

High Performance Talent Acquisition

The top priority for hiring organizations should be to hire the best available talent; marginal employees add marginal value to the business, high performance talent can turn a company around.

The complexity of talent acquisition continues to grow and some leading edge companies are beginning to step back and re-examine their recruitment processes with a mind to incorporate intelligent rigor around the concept of a balanced talent acquisition model.

The question is what works? There are few individuals and organizations that are comfortable and effective in their approach, time and resource commitments are substantial and improved results are not assured.

Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

Minimising unconscious bias in the recruiting process makes sense on a number of levels. Countries have laws designed to prevent hiring practices that consider race, gender, age, and religious beliefs. Lawsuits are costly and can create PR nightmares. Diverse and highly effective workforces are desirable to every organization. Diverse workforces amplify economic benefits, employee engagement and satisfaction.

All human beings cannot help but have their humanity interfere with their reasonability. Partiality and emotion have no place in an effective, unbiased selection process. With measureable information, data-driven hiring approaches can fill in the space that biases create. Technology can and is helping to establish a level playing field in the recruitment space.

Artificial Intelligence Interview for Recruiting

Is designed to augment and assist an employer’s recruitment decision making. Evaluates key human attributes, indicative of over 80% of future success potential, which are not always considered by traditional recruitment criteria.

Embodies several decades of academic and applied research in language and social psychology. A machine intelligence that evaluates an individual’s psychology, emotion, thinking style, social concerns, mental and physiological health.

Utilizes a clean-slate approach to efficiently and effectively analyze emotional, cognitive and structural components present in an individual's communication style and content. Provides incisive evaluation of the traits, behaviors and personality of an individual that goes beyond typical human insight.

Is anonymous, neutral and unbiased, It can be an effective and consistent means of addressing diversity, work place inequality, fair hiring practices and desired cultural fit as well as potentially mitigating future legal considerations.

Provides Employment Behavioral Assessments based on automated interviews administered over the Internet (Compatible with all mobile devices and desktop PCs). Interviews are composed of a series of specially designed questions; results are evaluated as general determinants of an individual’s future behavior and success potential within your organization.

Specifically targets and highlights the indicators of New Hire Success Potential and High Performance Talent Potential.

Example Premium Employment Behavioral Assessment

Example Enhanced Employment Behavioral Assessment

Assessment Results Availability

The results for an Assessment are generally available within an hour of interview completion. The process is automated providing 24/7 availability.

Assessment Accuracy

All candidates interviewed are evaluated using standardized criteria, eliminating unconscious bias.

Every effort is made to assure the necessary volume of data is examined for every candidate. The more information the candidate provides and the more expressively they communicate, the more accurate results can be.

Average result accuracy can approach or even exceed human insight, depending on the experience level of the interviewer. However, time, resource and financial commitments are dramatically reduced.

Assessment results can provide actionable foresight in scenarios ranging from very high volume pre-screenings to short listing tie-breakers.

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