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We are so confident you will be satisfied with the value of our service that we are offering a no questions asked full refund within 2 weeks of your purchase date. If you decide you would like your purchase to be refunded, simply Contact Us within 2 weeks of your purchase date and provide your order number as stated in your email receipt.

When a purchase is refunded, it is fair and reasonable that we will prevent you from administering any additional interviews related to the refunded purchase and we will prevent you from viewing or downloading any completed employment behavioral assessments related to the refunded purchase.

Before you make a purchase, please download and evaluate the example employment behavioral assessments below. These examples show you exactly what you are purchasing. If you make a purchase at our site, this constitutes your full agreement that you have downloaded and evaluated the example employment behavioral assessments below, you have read the refund policy, you understand the refund policy and you agree to abide by the refund policy.

Example Premium Employment Behavioral Assessment

Example Enhanced Employment Behavioral Assessment


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